Sifting through old crochet magazines trying to find a project I want to do and encountering a garment described as "sassier than a snood, comelier than a
cowl, cuter than a capelet"

@Pixley oh heck yeah. It's uncanceled now. Please knit one.

@hope I was looking for like a cowl or some handwarmers but it's very tempting

@Pixley I'm very glad it's not like strings of beads. I would totally wear something like this and I think it would look good on you. I don't know if I would include the beads if I was making it or not, I guess I'd have to study it more.

@hope I think the beads would help it keep its shape, but also it would be slightly less snuggly to lie on the couch in maybe?

@Pixley becomes reatricted to more of a formal hostess outfit perhaps?

@Pixley I’m thinking about making a crocheted campfire cardigan. A woman at the knitting retreat had one on and I fell in love with it.

@Pixley I know!!! There was another cozy granny square one I saw too. The woman told me the name of it and I’m trying to find it to save the pattern. It had a hood!

@Pixley I found the other one I was looking for. Weirdly they have the same name, but look totally different.

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