The cool thing about evolutionary psychology is that it's complete horseshit and if anyone ever mentions it favorably to you, you never have to speak to that person again

@penelopie__ it's the field of study that gave us "women gathered fruits and nuts while men did the hunting and that's why women be shoppin"

@Pixley @Laser laser makes a good point, I, penelope, do be shopping 🤔

@Pixley Their theory of hypocrisy is fun its nonsense but fun. Evolving we had to hold multiple ideas of what's right in our silly ole heads to live. I like the idea of a big ole neathanderthal human hybrid calculating which truth is true for then

@Cyborgneticz I mean that's one thing but all the "women are like this and men are like this because of cave people" is what's infuriating to me

@Pixley Its pretty bad and the ethics of their studies are questionable.

@Pixley i favorited this post, because i am a “gatherer”

@mood @Pixley finally, an explanation on why I swipe right but never initiate conversations

I’ll simply defend myself with “what, I thought _you_ were the hunter in this Tinder dynamic”

@Pixley they lied to me about babies all being afraid of snakes and spiders, then told me women only have breasts so they can cuck men... 🚮

@jennie I can't think of any other reason for women to have breasts, I am a very smart scientist man

@Pixley this is a "real" paper that I was once asked to read... I got my degree from an unbelievably toxic clown college

@jennie @Pixley need to try this out


so far i know that my baby isn't afraid of the dark, creepy shadows and spooky sounds

@Pixley I've researched enough about Jordan Peterson to know it's horseshit.

@Pixley traditionally, men were hunters... Which is why we control the tech industry, where we all sit indoors and fight for dominance.

@Pixley kinda want to meet an evolutionary psychologist so that i may punch them immediately, thwarting my role as a nurturing gatherer

@Pixley I wish you could pin other people’s toots, guess I’ll just have to boost this one constantly

@neoncoughh the fun thing is, it will always be relevant! Ha ha! How fun!!!

@Pixley *chanting*

blow up earth
blow up EARTH

@Pixley I've only read stuff from this field on two occasions and it was awful

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