I made you a new Don't Threaten Me With a Good Lifetime, it is about a radio therapist who can't radio therapy her way out of a sticky situation with a BAD TWIN:

I've done ten of these things now, I have written like 35,000 words of Lifetime movie commentary, this is what I am using my brain for

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My newsletter is good and you should read it, ask anybody

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@Pixley it's a good use of your brain Karen. They are wildly entertaining and I love them

@ItsJenNotGabby @Pixley I still think it would be amazingly entertaining to watch one with a podcast done riff trax style, but honestly that sounds like so much work so I am content to just use my reading ability.

@Pixley I realized the other day that within a few more seasons the number of words I've written about fictional baseball surpass any other writing project I've ever done

coincidentally I haven't finished an article since

@_ I could take screenshots! I just think it's much funnier to take pictures of my television!

@Pixley :) It's one of the things I like about your newsletter.

@Pixley What a weird movie! Even by these standards. Normally too much tries to happen in these movies, so it's weird for nothing to happen.

@Pixley It is good and you should read it!

Me (an entity who can be referred to in some circumstances as "anybody")

@stelepami thank you for this entirely unprompted endorsement!!

@Pixley You also got a truly un-prompted endorsement later, you may have noticed! The newsletter is just that good.

@Pixley your reader count might be down one this week because torie and i read it aloud, fyi

@dirt that is extremely wonderful, I hope you enjoyed it

@Pixley got derailed reading this by needing to find out what "Party Mom" was and WHEW what a ride

@Pixley this one had me cracking up, and also like, this movie was absolutely trying to be the good son but a lifetime movie, but i am stunned at how little imagination for evil they had!

@triz truly so little happened in this movie, until bees happened

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