I may not have anything "cool" or "interesting" or any "rare fish" or whatever but I do have a sweater with a red panda on it

I am aware that there are websites that will do all the hard work for me and make something that looks nicer, but I find this very soothing and meditative and if it ends up looking like shit, well I can either live with it or ope, discard, move on

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@baronnarcveldt not to brag but I'm like really good at finding other people's pixel art and putting it on a sweater

@Pixley I can't decide if I love this sweater or the squirrel sweater best, they're just the Both Best

@neoncoughh I can't decide what to do next, maybe a giant panda, or a bat

@Pixley @Thomas @neoncoughh how many animal sweaters does Animal Karen have

and are they all based on real sweaters

@douglasfur @Thomas @neoncoughh she has a fox, bluebird, red panda, squirrel, and bat, and only the fox is based on a sweater I have, the rest are based on clip art I can find!

@Pixley This is better than all the stringfish lined up in a row. I like your priorities. I'm way more concerned with making my island pretty. Fish smish.

@Pixley honestly you do a very good job and I'm so glad the experience is good too

@Pixley there are websites that will design your animal crossing character for you?


it's a really good editor! i love playing with it to make shapes work :D

@baronnarcveldt that's true, shapes are tricky in a little pixel box

@Dayglochainsaw thank you, I am having a nice time on the nice game

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