I can't believe how much I miss going to the grocery store

@Pixley Me, all day yesterday: "GOD I would love to just, you know, run out for a gallon of milk"

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon just grab like, a gallon of milk and a donut from the bakery, imagine

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Pixley I went to the store with my mask on but that will be a once-a-week or bi-weely event for us. Taking as few chances as possible.

@kmckaig @Pixley yes, I've been trying to combine what errands I have to do into a single, "glad to be getting this stuff done but boy really not enjoying it" outing

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Pixley Yes it's almost like a "situational awareness" thing with me, no wasted movements, no surprise contact with someone. It's guerilla shopping.

@Pixley same though. I'm looking forward to running out of food so I can do it again even though it's a risk and something I usually hate

@Pixley if I live on rice and beans alone.... A couple days, but I'm out of literally everything else so I'm probably going to go today

@Scout good luck pal, I hope you can get a little fruit and veg at least

@Pixley im very good at shopping for clothes in a store, and very bad at doing it online, and i need summer clothes

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