I have been looking at this photograph, which is illustrating a Goop article about how to give a massage, for several minutes and I cannot quite figure out how the limbs in it work

@Pixley this gives me vibes like that one scene in Zardoz, the one where they're trying to give Sean Connery a boner

@Pixley I think the person in the foreground is uh . . . buzzing from the bathroom

@Pixley the massaged person is crossing her arms like she's upset that it's not going well

@Pixley This appears to be a massage for people with more than two legs? At least, the graphic at the top shows somebody with four.

@Pixley ok so when two people love each other very much...

@t54r4n1 thank you for your service, why does this photograph exist

@lawremipsum not every piece of abstract art is loss!!
*double checks image*
okay no this is loss.

@t54r4n1 @Pixley he has to sit that way so there's NO FUNNY BUSINESS during this partner massage

@Louisa @Pixley will men please learn that not every occasion for sensuality is an occasion for sexuality

@Pixley I am “Third Person in the Picture “ truther for this

@Suplex interesting, interesting, back it up by drawing lines over the picture, please

@KitsuneAlicia @Pixley you're definitely right but to me "arms crossed" is not exactly big "receiving a great massage" energy

to be fair that's arguably the least ill-considered thing about this picture though

@Pixley they have the same photography team Vanity Fair has? :kirby_walk:

@Pixley I think I've figured it out as best as possible, but also is she just taking the picture with her chin or mouth or what? I guess we don't see her right hand, so she could be awkwardly holding a selfie stick, but still!

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