I went for a walk at a cemetery today and this was the back of the headstone of a guy who turned out to be a high school basketball coach

@BestGirlGrace Mr. Ballgame! is survived by his living wife Joan Ballgame! and their two sons, Craig and Theodore Ballgame!

@Pixley ok so if I'm seeing the perspective of the net matched with the backboard the ball is actually going to bounce right off?

@Pixley I hope I never die because I'll never have a headstone that's as much of a shitpost as this

@caymanwent you've got some time to think about it, I hope

@Pixley I really wanted "Here Lies Cayman, Poo Poo Pee Pee" but my mom said I'm not allowed to disrespect myself

@Pixley that's an onomatopoeia I never would have thought of but I can kinda hear it

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