I think "I have a collection of paint samples that I use as bookmarks, matched to the color of the book" is the dorkiest thing I have admitted to on mastodon dot com

@deneb @Pixley so are receipts or envelopes or a warranty postcard i was supposed to mail, but the color matching thing is slick as hell and feels like aspirational levels of adulthood to me

@Pixley @redoak Perks of adulthood, pants are optional in one’s own house.

@deneb @Pixley for me if i dont shower and get dressed it feels like im still early-twentysomething and goofin around too hard

@redoak @deneb it's not a thing I make a habit of, but I was doing laundry, so,,,,

@Pixley @deneb idk if this matters but all my judging energy is used up before i consider other people so, right on

@Pixley paint samples and fancy bookmarks are just so right, and no judgment from me

@Pixley have you considered arranging your books by color?

@Taweret ok now this sounds like a fun research project actually

@Pixley books by the tallest authors go on the top shelf obvs

@Pixley @Taweret You could use the paint sample bookmarks as a part of your card catalog!

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