Okay, switched the newsletter over and sent a new one, you should be getting it in your email if you were already subscribed and if I didn't fuck it up


And if you hate checking your email, here is the thing I wrote! It is called MOMMY'S LITTLE PRINCESS and I gave it a CW for extremely intense monarchism, but I should have added one for the threat of poison ivy dtmwagl.substack.com/p/mommys-

@Pixley There was a short-lived sitcom called Trial & Error where one of the running jokes was chanting "murderboard! Murderboard!"


@Pixley my partner and I are reading it, each one on their phones, and giggling periodically. Thank you for this!!

@Pixley so my mum messaged me today to tell me that my great great grandmother’s surname is the surname of a formerly aristocratic family in the area (one of them married the daughter of King James II!), so I guess it’s time for me to go batshit and insist I’m royalty and push someone off a cliff

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