Thinking about how I haven't seen very many kestrels this year, probably because I usually saw them sitting on a power line on my route to work


Here are some pictures of kestrels, the smallest and most colorful falcon in North American and a very good bird

@Laser it's gorgeous, and it's one of the birds that like, got me into birding. Once you start looking for them, you see them all the time, but you have to look!

@Pixley My favorite kind of kestrel is the fluffy puffball kind, conveniently all of them have this feature.

@infernusgoatus they are so small and cute and vicious, I adore them


I never knew they were so beautiful! Their blues and tans are gorgeous.

Where do they live?

@Alonealastalovedalongthe all over North America, but they like to hang out in farmland or other open country, perched on a power line or a fence. They're small, about the size of a dove, so keep an eye out!

@Pixley oh! We have kestrels in the UK but they're not so colourful. That's really nice!

@alex AKAB (all kestrels are beautiful) but I do love the American ones

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