If you start out as a guitar band, you shouldn't be allowed to make a bleep-bloop record, that should be illegal

@Pixley I'm still annoyed that The Weakerthans had a really good acoustic version of Utilities that they played at shows and on the radio, and then the album version came out and had a beepy boopy broken theremin ass sounding intro 😡

@erinbee the audacity of the fuckin Weakerthans to think we would enjoy bleeps and bloops

@Pixley If I want Canadian bleeps and boops I already know where to find them from sea to shining sea, do not put them in a prairie folk punk album

@erinbee @Pixley the real reason the weakerthans broke up was that eight years of regret about the utilities bleep bloop fiasco was too much to bear

@Pixley coming out strong against Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

@Pixley i was guitar band now i bleep bloop because i do it on my own because my band went and had babies and then locked down to this plague.

if i didn't bleep bloop i'd probably go mad.

@touk that is, paradoxically, allowed and encouraged

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