Oh this is embarrassing, like wearing the band shirt to see the band (selfie, ec, large herbivores)

@Pixley "is she... Is she making fun of us? I'm going to talk to her. HAY"

"Terry, no!"

@Pixley @InternetEh does she just think we sit around with birds on our head? Is that a thing humans think?

@SanfordianPhil @Pixley deer with gnarly velvet dangling from antlers: this is an unrealistic beauty standard

@Aleums haha thank you, I think the many, many deer I saw appreciated it

@PhoebeWallerPalladino there were 9 or 10 deer in that herd, those were just the boldest ones

@Pixley [one year into lockdown in a city w no car] what are those vertical brown/tan things coming out of that abandoned parking lot

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