If you saw someone walking this on a leash in your neighborhood, would you ask if you could pet it

@Pixley those lil fuzzy ears 🥺 just begging to be scritched

@Pixley "I am very small and I have no money, so you can imagine the amount of stress I am under"

Violence parody in minecraft 

@Pixley I would kick whoever is holding the other end of the leash in the teeth and free the poor thing

@Pixley an albino skunk? I would definitely ask before petting!

@Pixley the tomato bath would be worth it imo. gonna make myself into a caprese for the sake of saying hello to a lil buddy

@Pixley I feel like it would be okay if the owner said it would be okay, owner doesn’t want their skunk stinkin’ up strangers

@neoncoughh this is why you ask, politeness and also not wanting to be stinked

pet death 

@mood @Pixley my grandfather had a friend when he was a young man who had a pet skunk that was "unstinked" and it slept on his pillow at night but guess what, they get *restinked* when they die

@mood in this country they are, some other countries don't let you do that

@mood @Pixley knowing that I would want to pet it but eye to eye to be safe

@whiskeysailor @mood yeah their eyesight is real bad so make sure she knows you're there

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