Today the local news told me about five people breaking into a motorcycle dealership, each stealing one motorcycle, and riding off on them through the front door, and I can't stop thinking about what a cool fuckin heist that was

@cuttlefish right?? They wanted me to call Crimestoppers! What kind of dorkus would do such a thing, this rules

@breakfastgolem Wild Hogs: This Time They're Criminals And It Owns

@Pixley Would have been cooler if they'd each driven off with several motorcycles. Still heckin' cool.

@stelepami like, one foot on each one, yeah that would be pretty pretty cool

@Pixley u ever just. go for a ride with all your friends

@Pixley this is some tabletop rpg shit, has anyone entertained the possibility that they were a werewolf pack?

@tessaracked witnesses reported the thieves saying, "awooooooo" as they rode off, but the significance of that remains unclear

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