It is Friday night so you have all weekend to read the I just sent, it's called HIS PERFECT OBSESSION and it's about an accountant with a lot of problems and a blind teen girl with, also, a lot of problems, and it's also about a sugar shack

It's already Sunday night, either you're gonna read my newsletter now or you're saving it for a slow day at work, but either way you have to read my newsletter, it's the law

@Pixley I loved this, thank you. Also, not as terrible about the blindness as I'd braced myself for! (but then, I am very cynical and pessimistic on the subject so maybe that doesn't mean much)

Though I did roll my eyes so hard at "Allison sprays a particular cologne on her daughter's wrist and tells her to remember that scent," it was all I could do not to yell "Are you scenting a bloodhound, Allison?!" but I didn't because there's a sleeping next to me.

@bright_helpings it went SO hard on the cologne thing! I assume you don't just go around announcing to strangers what scent they're wearing, but maybe that's just part of being a tactless teenager.

@Pixley Yeah she's only a couple months into being blind* right, the novelty will wear off after a while!

* I love that her recent blindness has made no impact on her or her personalityless mom.

@bright_helpings there was one scene I didn't write about because it was just like, "hey are you sad about being blind now?" "Yeah." and that was it, like, don't even bother?

@Pixley i... want Ben's jacket. for me. to wear. over plaid flannel shirt. with boots. and carhartts.

@stelepami it's a classic! I put a jean jacket with a sherpa collar in a shopping cart at LEAST twice a year and then say, "no, Amelia, you have Too Many spring/fall jackets already," but.......I want it

@Pixley I want the whole darn thing to be lined (sherpa or quilted plaid flannel, I suppose, can't have too much plaid flannel). I don't think I have a jacket that fits *precisely* that same temperature range...

@Pixley I suppose it could be corduroy instead of jean jacket

Just give me that classic Gilmore Girls/CW network New England Autumn look.

@Pixley we have knotty pine paneling in our den and it is so nice

@infernusgoatus it's so pretty!! It makes me miss my family's cabin that a tree fell on 15 years ago

@Pixley I won't lie, this was about 25% of the reason we bought the place

@Pixley I had my phone read it to me earlier while getting stuff prepped to move to the house. Just read the subscriber-only post while crashed out from moving a bunch of stuff. Good heavens on that!

@platypus oh I'm glad you liked the subscriber post! Sometimes I can't tell if something is going to be funny outside my own head

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