I think more jobs should come with special hats

@Pixley im imagining almost a little flat cap sort of deal, scruffy yet still faintly official

@Dayglochainsaw it's a flat cap but with a loop to hold a pen and a little slot for post-its to come out of, because librarians can simply never have enough post-it notes

@platypus @Dayglochainsaw right?? I googled "post-it hat" to find out if this existed, because so very many things exist, but I just found post-its shaped like bowler hats

@Pixley when I worked at an apple store you could wear a hat but only if it was apple-branded, and apple merch is literally only available for purchase in-person at apple HQ in Cupertino California so that was pretty much the definition of weird flex

@alex this is the most Apple thing I've ever heard


i spent a couple years lobbying my workplace to buy us all letter jackets. unfortunately i occupy that personality space where it was it just perceived as a running joke and not sincere entreaties.

but i would jump at a special hat in a heartbeat.

@cicatriz_jdr there's something very pleasing about a letter jacket, I like the fuzziness of the big letters you sew onto them

@Pixley imagining what my editor's hat would look like

@InternetEh my immediate thought was a beat-up trilby with a nice band that you can stick pens and notes into, but that could probably be updated for the current century

@Pixley the hat Ned Flanders had in Homer's work from home daydream.

@Pixley I got hired as a Staff Engineer and the position didn't even come with its own staff, wtf. I guess you're supposed to provide your own these days?

@Pixley my job doesn't come with a hat, but my profession came with a ring

@Pixley all engineers in Canada get an iron ring when they graduate from university. There's a "secret" ceremony where they solemnly bang on anvils with a hammer, and the tradition is that the rings are made with iron from the Quebec bridge that collapsed during construction, killing many workers, because the guy who designed it was a shitty engineer. Supposed to be a reminder to take things seriously.

@Pixley @Tel yeah they have a weird pride about it. You're supposed to wear the ring on your pinky so it touches the paper when you sign off on things

@Dayglochainsaw @Aleums @Tel I endorse this but also you should have a hat, maybe the hat is embroidered with the whole story about the ring

I have a work hi-vis but only because I'm a fire marshall.

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