I tried to convince my chickens to come into a different part of the yard than where they usually are, and they did NOT trust me

Barely visible in this photo (behind the leftmost red chicken) is a huge divot one of the birds dug into the dirt floor because all the other divots and holes and hollows and boxes weren't GOOD enough today, she needed a NEW hole to sit in, JEEZ

@Pixley same energy as me ignoring a software update for two years because I'm just damn fine right where I am thank you

@douglasfur it is a "vertical xylophone" that I forgot was in there when it was converted from storage to chickens, and then I was like, oh it's fine, they can have it

@Pixley I think chickens would appreciate an mbira more, but I support giving them any instrument

@Pixley when I was a kid we raised meat king chickens and turkeys. Less beautiful, and considerably more foolish.

@Tel ooh yeah I'm definitely not fucking with a turkey

@Pixley my chicken feed brings all the hens to the yard / and they're like, it's worse than before / damn right it's worse than before / I can trust you, but I have to charge

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