I am on mile six of a seven-mile hike and I am going to sit in the shade of this tree and hope I developed teleportation powers and just haven't noticed yet


I saw a turkey and a pileated woodpecker and a million indigo buntings and wood pewees and a yellow-billed cuckoo!! and a barred!!!! owl!!!!!!!

@platypus it was good! It was also the longest hike I've been on in a couple years and I have a million mosquito bites, but I saw an owl!

@Pixley @ItsJenNotGabby there was one week that the new yorker crossword included two baseball clues and two bird clues

@Aleums @Pixley The Amelia Times Crossword. Only needs some Lifetine Clues and it's a lock.

@Pixley I know!!! Some are small round bois and some are terrifying dinosaur ancestors. They are a wild ass species!!

@Pixley so jealous of your indigo buntings and a baRRED OWL what are you royalty????

@infernusgoatus omg the owl was so cool, I saw something big and brown hop up from the ground into a tree and I was like "???" because I was too far into the woods for it to be a hawk, so I stood there waiting for it to move and it took off and I saw its big round flat gorgeous face and fancy wings, it was TREMENDOUS

@Taweret @infernusgoatus I need to get better at describing where a bird is, that's a top bird tour skill

@Pixley I saw two big white birds in a tree near a swampy field, what were those

@douglasfur like BIG big? Maybe a great blue heron in a white morph?

@Pixley there were two of them and they were BIG and like hunched over in a tree

i thought they were plastic bags at first

@douglasfur hmmm! We don't usually have egrets this time of year but... I'm not sure what else it would be? Since apparently the white great blue herons are further south? Intriguing

@Pixley they were kinda hunched over vulture-like

really humped up backs

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