A mosquito bit me right in the crease of my armpit and I would like to eliminate the family of Culicidae from this planet

I have read that you could completely eliminate mosquitoes from the ecosystem and it would be fine actually, because the things that eat mosquitoes also eat other kinds of flies and bees and etc and they'd adjust no problem and I think that sounds great, let's do that, no more malaria and there isn't an itchy spot right where the seam of my sleeve hits

@Pixley we simply need a genophage for skeeters

@alex I wasn't sure if this was a real thing or nerd shit so I looked it up and why would you bring nerd shit into my mentions

@Pixley oh yeah reading about mosquito ecosystems and their food chain impact is total chad shit

@Pixley wouldn't causing more bees to be eaten be a problem though

we really can't afford to lose more bees

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