New , it's called SINISTER MINISTER and it has the most instances of an adult man saying "on fleek" that you've ever seen

Please read this, because I spent three whole dollars to rent this movie

@Pixley Hard Country for Cop Mann

Also I read up on the Zobrist divorce filings after that and hoo boy

@Pixley woke up and was delighted to find this! Listened while trimming a bunch of hemlocks in our back yard in order to accommodate fence guys. In other news: fence guys!!!

@platypus ooh fence guys! How long until fence is done?

@Pixley oh btw, I had a little epiphany -- you mentioned "distant" -> "cool" -- was it maybe meant to be "far out"? Which would be... ridiculously dated.

@platypus I'm sure it's related! It's hard to make up original slang, it always sounds so goofy

@Pixley RIP Wells, the only character with normal human reactions to the wild events of this film

@parenthetical I am carefully chiseling "he had one scene and was so normal and then he died" into his headstone

@Pixley more movies need to have buckwild plots that only one character is able to identify as such for one scene before not being in any more of the movie

@checkervest thank you! This movie was so bonkers it wrote itself

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