Ok so I went to the art museum, and this is gonna be a two-parter for maximum effect; here is the placard for a bronze Brancusi sculpture called Princess X, please read and imagine what you think the sculpture might look like

@Pixley even if this was attached to someone’s upper chest, and supported by some sort of custom bra, i would struggle to interpret it as boobs

@mood "this is my custom bra, that I need, for my boobs, as a woman, a female princess, you see,"

@Pixley suddenly realizing dicknipples’ highbrow origins

@mood @Pixley Those aren't boobs or even balls at all for that matter.

It's a butt. There's a crack, as visible and plain as the day.

@PhoebeWallerPalladino @alex there's another image here, and also Brancusi being shocked, shocked! that people thought it was a dong because that isn't what he meant at ALL

@_ @PhoebeWallerPalladino @alex "Big claims for a sculpture that looks like a giant dong." is a sentence that will live in my head forever

@Pixley @PhoebeWallerPalladino @alex this is some fuckin playground level "this is you heh heh" except they're involving like the fuckin prime minister and various monarchs

@finn aw!!! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this big dong

@Pixley Seeing it without the tip, it kind of resembles a butt too (in the preview image)

@Pixley amazing that it's dated 1915-1916 and the artist somehow knew what mid-century telephone receivers would look like 🧐

@tessaracked we were all just talking into dicks for like 40 years!

@tessaracked @Pixley and the second most common model after the classic handset was called the Princess! Without a date attached I would have assumed this came from 40 years later

@robotcarsley @tessaracked oh man I had a princess phone when I was a teen, I had to get special hardware for it because it had been hardwired into my grandma's house back when that was a thing people did, but I LOVED that thing

@Pixley yes that is a bent cylindrical form that suggests something phallic all right


Punchline: In 1922 he made another sculpture called "The Cock." Go search it yourself. (If no one else already linked to it in the thread, that is.) I don't want to spoil anything.

@Pixley I have one of those in a special box under my bed, just saying

@Pixley i knew what this was gonna be about before i even read the name lmao

@swirlz like! It's just! It's a dick, we all know it's a dick

@Pixley still dying at the idea that people "might" see it as phallic

@InternetEh @healyn I cannot stop laughing at how mad Brancusi was that people thought it was a dick

@Pixley @healyn he has another one called "the cock." Less phallic than this one

@nsmckinnon ol Constantin "Tried to Make a Portrait of a Woman and It Turned Out a Dick Again" Brancusi, that's what they call him

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