In my absence, Shankly found a burlap sack that some sweet corn came in and claimed it as his one true love

@Pixley luckily I don't have that type of bag around the house, I don't think I would take Ursula replacing me very well

@Sissas I buy the cats nice soft beds and they seek out burlap and scratchy army blankets to sleep on, it's absurd

@Pixley yeah they have a way of disrespecting any work you put in finding them a place. Take for instance how Ursula started sitting on her chair after I put a blanket on it to avoid it being literally coated in cat hair:

@Pixley @Sissas at any given time we are likely to have at least two small shipping boxes lying around because Owen immediately adopts them as his New Favorite Bed

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Sissas there is one specific monthly shipment we get that is Shankly's exact favorite kind of box to sit in so it's just always on the kitchen floor, very classy

@Pixley @ItsTheManOnTheMoon we get a weekly ish veg subscription and always return the boxes covered in precious cat hair, which I'm sure is greatly appreciated

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