If you are in the Midwest and want an animal or a plant or a linework tattoo, I cannot recommend Genesis Pelszynski at No Regrets in Champaign highly enough, she did my prairie plants too and she's so good and also a ray of sunshine, genesis_emery on Instagram if you want to look

Reminding myself what my tattoo looks like because now it's under Tegaderm so it's all gross

@bright_helpings right?? I had to schedule this way in advance because the artist is very busy but like, you can see why she's so busy! She's so good!

@Aleums a) it's very common and I think it is important to notice the common things around you in the natural world, juncos and oaks and sparrows and dandelions, b) it's extremely cute, c) if you hold a junco in your hands its heart beats too fast and it dies, which I find relatable

@Pixley maybe sometime when I’m out there for work. Your prairie one is one of my favorites ever. I am really regretting that I didn’t get my mushroom/crocus done during the eye of the covid storm

@Pixley this is beautiful! I guess no fish bong this time then? I get it I think I'd do the bird first too, and then be too tired. Next time though!

@Sissas the bird took like two hours, I was simply too worn out for fish bong

@Pixley the literal only reason! It's a beautiful bird, I support the delaying of fish bong 🧡

@Pixley I got this word in the spelling bee yesterday! I’m pretty sure

@ponfarr yeah!! I don't remember it ever being a word in the spelling bee before and I was like, this is a good omen

@infernusgoatus thanks!! It looks like one of your bird drawings tbh

@Pixley when lil guy was smaller he whispered to my wife's new tattoo: "tattoo. You're gross. You're gonna get gross on me"

@InternetEh it's gonna get gross but then it's gonna get cool!!

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