Question for you if you are under 25: do you know who the Three Stooges are

@Taweret @Pixley As an older than 25, I too must know the results without skewing them.

@Pixley I’m 23. Grew up watching the little rascals, the three stooges, the Andy Griffith show, and gilligans island. Me and my younger brothers used to watch them with my dad when we were kids.

@Pixley sorry, I answered even though I don't qualify. Click was faster than brain.
So - 1 on yes.

@Pixley my dad used to show me three stooges stuff when i was young

@Pixley i want to see the percentages but i am very not under 25 and i very much know the three stooges.

@sourcookie it is a dramatic yes, which is honestly kind of surprising to me, because the conversation I was having with friends was "have you ever seen like, a Three Stooges gif? How do people know them now? DO they?"

@healyn apparently slapstick is more eternal than I thought

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