*hello, please boost and enjoy*

i am soft-launching the first installment of my lofi yacht rock mixtape series #ysides exclusively on masto

i took an hour of obscure, bizarre, amateurish, and goofy #yachtrock (or at least attempts at it) from the late 70s to mid 80s, mixed it live, then dubbed it to a NOS TDK cassette from 1982 and back to digital.

Y Sides Vol. 1 is FREE on Bandcamp.


#ysides has EVERYTHING:
:cassette: Hare Krishna slow jams
:cassette: a song from a Garfield tv special
:cassette: unreasonably smooth germans

The desired listening experience is “what the fuck is this and why does it groove so good”


@alex we love Googie, yes we do

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