Here is a newsletter, on a movie called INTO THE ARMS OF DANGER, YES it is about another young woman being held captive, but bear with me, it's got some things in it

@Pixley hahaha this is great! Glad that guy got to hear a train, always a nice experience

@checkervest thank you! We're all glad that guy got to hear a train

@PostMasterGeneral @checkervest he's a musician, so absolutely he could hear it (this makes sense, do not fact check it)

@Pixley @checkervest

It's definitely that movie word that I'm spacing on where the sound is there for real.

@Pixley Okay, seriously, while reading this and getting towards the end, I pressed space to pause because I had to go do something, and then I realized I wasn't watching a movie :D

@maloki hahaha! That's a good compliment, I'll take it

@Pixley I do think I've seen it, so it was a lot easier to get visuals than it usually is.

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