The Illinois Department of Public Health has a very comprehensive drop-down menu for picking your preferred language, which is good, except that it is so comprehensive that it includes "English, Middle (1100-1500)" and "English, Old (ca. 400-1100)" right under English, also there's "Egyptian (Ancient)", "German, Old High ca. 1050-1500", "Irish, Old (to 900)", "Low Saxon", and, maybe most perplexingly, "Indo-European languages"

@Pixley i bet it would be pretty easy to find where the developer stole this list from lol

@alex @Pixley yepppp I was about to say "oh no this is standards ruining everything"
I get the desire to just use a standard but ....

Klingon is in there somewhere I think. IIRC it's based on every book ever published/language known 😂

@Pixley I find it insulting that a real language like Kirundi is placed at the same place as a completely made-up language. Kirundi, as Kirghiz btw, is a real language spoken by real people and transporting real culture. By putting it next to some fantasy language, you devalidate all of that as "not real", not to be respected the same way as "real" languages like English or French. @platypus @alex

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