@radicalrobit I was using that cup to fill the fancy, expensive cat fountain behind it, and he was like, well well well, doesn't that look delicious

@Pixley @radicalrobit Figo always makes sure to get both his cheeks into the water bowl before drinking so he also walks around with water hilariously drooping from his face!

@Pixley @pig I think it’s something like DOOTDOOTDOOTDADOOTDADOOTDOOTDOOT

@Pixley my dutch is pretty rough but it was basically "come on, be cool, share your snack with ol Shanks"

@Taweret I told him "buddy, it's cheese," and then realized my mistake

@Pixley but he has his paws all nicey bunched, look how gentlemanly!

@infernusgoatus he pulled his tail around his front paws, which is how you can tell he's very serious

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