I saw these Edward Steed cartoons of things he overheard at the zoo over a week ago and I have not stopped thinking about them since

@douglasfur "they eat marmots. Your enemy." really reverberates around the ol noggin

@Pixley I really like "I hate this one"

the eyes on that child

@breakfastgolem @Aleums I believe we all had this thought the first time we went to this kind of aviary. It's fucking crazy! There's a toucan right above me!!!

@Pixley @Aleums Aviaries are amazing because they let you think that birds are real.

@Pixley glad this guy doesn't come to my zoo or else I'd be immortalized for my yelling at our useless penguins

@neko I had a professor once who just hated penguins, he liked to tell us about the "horrible smelly toddlers" he had to deal with (it was an oceanography class so not......that relevant)

@Pixley our zoo has a nice big swimming area for them and they all just crowd around the feeding door honking, 24/7

@Pixley I'm $12k in debt. penguins, please help me budget this, my family is dying

@pig @Pixley "the interest rates I'm being charged are outrageous. I ask the Council of Penguins for justice"

@Pixley me to the kid hating on the world's best lizard (the gila monster): listen here you little shit,

@Pixley they are perfectly wonderful little egg-eaters!

@infernusgoatus @Pixley I like to imagine the kid who isn't very interested in owls is saying it politely because that is a move my younger son would do

@checkervest Alex are you familiar with Edward Steed, because I feel like you would love him

@Pixley no I’ve never heard of him before!! I’ll look him up now

@Pixley love the kid who thinks the exhibits are there for him to judge


I used to work at zoos doing research on behaviour & environmental enrichment. Being surrounded by captive animals really seemed to bring out the worst in paying visitors. They'd bang on enclosure windows and talk about throwing things at the animals to get them to move, and throw whatever they were eating into open enclosures that usually had to be retrieved before something ate it and died.
One thing was funny because none of them had the attention span to read. Kid after kid, day after day would look at the Allen's Swamp Monkey sign and shout that there was an Alien Swamp Monster.

@Laser hey circling back on this, this is well into banger territory

@Pixley I really wish he'd indicated what they have in Florida and his brother killed. I'm guessing iguanas

@robotcarsley I like the ambiguity, maybe they have a display of palmetto bugs or something

@Pixley That kid is gonna grow up to be a future owl exterminator.

@radicalrobit he is simply not interested in them or their continued existence

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