I really miss when Etsy wasn't just "drop shipping, but twee"

@Pixley I like it when they pretend that their item (which is identical to 70% of the other items in the search) will take three weeks to reach the customer because they have to lovingly craft it with their own two hands

@dreadpirateyarr handmade!! personalized (with one of three available phrases because that's what the wholesaler had)!!!

@dreadpirateyarr @Pixley This is very upsetting to read, because I really thought most of these were individuals making stuff 🙁

I do know that a lot of them are, because I’ve bought things from people I know through social media, who are definitely making unique things with their own two hands

(But if you’re right, I’ve probably also bought one or two things from Etsy that weren’t lovingly handcrafted)

@transponderings @Pixley there’s still independent artists and craftspeople on Etsy thankfully! Just too many drop shippers clogging up the searches for my liking now

@Pixley I finally found the perfect dupe for my perfume on Etsy and it felt like finding very hidden treasure

Are there any retail platforms for people who actually craft stuff?

@floppyplopper I mean there are definitely still people who actually make stuff on Etsy, but I know some people have just started selling through ko-fi and the like

@Pixley absolutely true. I'll say at least the weird stuff I look at isn't as much that. I just bought a Mothra sticker and then accidentally bought it again the next day and I reached out to the person and they were just so excited haha

@Thomas oh yeah there's definitely people making cool art and selling it on Etsy, this toot was brought to you by trying to find a nicer version of a necklace from Claire's and finding hundreds of listings for the *exact* necklace from Claire's

@Pixley I was looking at tea pets and had the same experience. I faved one and then had the exact same one recommended from 10 different shops or something

@Pixley same!

oh I found this:

some kind of directory for people who actually make stuff on etsy. I just clicked around for a second, not sure if it's up to date or a good resource yet.

@ada oh interesting! Could be a good resource, thanks!

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