Etsy: hey
me: no
Etsy: HEY
me: WHAT
Etsy: baby synthesizer

Hey sorry to make you think about the baby synthesizer again, or you're welcome, but here's a video of the baby synthesizer

@Pixley it does have a sort of charm in its own way, I suppose

@Pixley I should have pictured exactly this, but my brain decided to give me a treat and I imagined something like this little piano, but with bassinet ruffles, and it was a synth.

Maybe the piano and the baby can be in a band together.

@Pixley I’ve heard of bleep bloop, but bleep baby????

@Aleums you just twiddle the knob on the baby's head, what's the big deal

@Pixley I typically spend my days avoiding twiddling knobs on baby heads

@Pixley @Aleums I saw Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel playing a noise show in the closet and one of their baby synths had a light up nipple and and it looked at me

@threeofswords this is exactly where I fall on it too, I'm glad someone made this awful thing

@Stoori you have made a very specific bird joke in my mentions and I love that, and also I looked up this bird noise and: yes


oh thank good this is available in 4k i can't imagine watching without seeing the baby's rubber skin texture in immaculate crystal clarity.

@cicatriz_jdr you need to make sure you catch every flicker of its eye


i dunnnooo. i feel like if i did that, it would somehow wordlessly convey the exact moment and means of my eventual death, and i'd rather just let that mystery linger for the next 5ish years.

@davscomur I sincerely hope one of them buys the weird doll synth

@Pixley One is a music prof who specializes in electronic music, so I’d say the odds are good

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