There's been a parakeet in my yard for three days and I can't capture it and animal control doesn't really want to come out here for a bird so I have a parakeet now, in that I get to look at a parakeet but don't have to clean its cage or care for it in any way, pretty ideal

I did post on Nextdoor to ask if anyone lost a pet bird and got no responses, so,

@Pixley this is how I got my first parakeet. Except then his family found us so then we got a new parakeet because ew did buy a cage.

@platypus if you bought a cage, you might as well get another parakeet

@Pixley last year I saw a parakeet on my street just hanging out with a bunch of sparrows, it seemed to be totally integrated into the flock. I wonder what the other birds thought about it

@prehensile on day one of yard parakeet, the other birds were very standoffish, but i can see them getting used to it already! He's just gotta be himself, you know

@Pixley here’s a truly terrible video, the parakeet(?) is the white one

@prehensile it seems totally fine!! It's just a weird sparrow now

@Pixley in some European cities (Brussels I think) there are colonies of them, living like wild animals in the parks. :o

@jollysea there are some populations in some pretty chilly American cities too, which gives me hope he could make it through a winter!

@Pixley feral ‘keets living it up (at least until it’s below 40)

@mood our official position is now "let nature take its course, and if it figures out there's a heat lamp in the chicken coop that's great"

@Pixley @mood I wish all the best for you and your newest family member

@Pixley @mood they seem to do okay in NYC even after the state attempt to eliminate them (mostly in Queens and Brooklyn)

@Pixley that’s a very handsome older male, if he’s been out there long then he certainly knows what he’s doing.

Growing up around St Petersburg Florida there were so many it shocked me to find out that budgerigars weren’t indigenous to the US! Congrats on your yard budge.

@WanderingBeekeeper I am about 100 miles south of Chicago, but I have never seen a feral parakeet, and trust me, I spend a lot of time looking for birds, if we had feral parakeets around here I Would Know

@Pixley I'm just imagining some dad driving the family station wagon down to the edge of town, muttering about the kids never cleaning the cage and releasing a parakeet

@InternetEh he should have known they weren't responsible enough for this!!!

@Pixley about 10 yrs ago this happened in israel and some escaped parakeets mated and now we basically have thousands, like crows almost.

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