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What's up I'm Bryanne, thought I'd check this Mastodon thing out. Toots, haha, what's up with that?

This PC culture has gotten so out of hand you can't even wear a military jacket you bought for five dollars at Goodwill to get discounts at waffle House anymore

HellOoo I'm The Nostalgic Critic. I remember it so YOU don't have to!

Remember the Gospel of Mark?

*cut to scene from the Garden of Gethsemene where Peter cuts the Roman's ear off*

*cut back to Doug Walker smiling and blinking rapidly*

Someone needs to bring back the game show Supermarket Sweep.

not feeling brave enough to leave this with no cw 

I will not play a game called Butter Royale. Stop it.

hitch mcconnel. that's right. his politics are identical to Christopher hitchens

"cuck" is short for "cuckoo bananas"

one lesson left twitter could take to heart from SomethingAwful is that the multipage takedown threads on grover's fashy as fuck views never did anything. posting pictures of his fucked up house was what got him to shut up.

Anybody else have a friend in middle school that swore Wolverine claws was a real surgery?

Waiting for Disney to announce they've purchased the 48 continental states so I can live in a closet in Disney World and survive on the leftovers from the Princess Breakfast.

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