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Hit me up for that Animal Crossing, friend code: SW-6380-0741-2629

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I need to log off for a bit, I think most people who want to stay in touch have me added elsewhere but DM me tonight if you want my discord or phone (if we’re cool)

me: just finished a shift at the dick sucking factory. boy am i tired

at dave at foss land dot org: i dont think its possible to industrially produce dick sucking?

proudly stating my employer (The US Department of Defense) in my bio

Smoking is so cool, I honestly wish I could do it again without being stinky. I don't care about the addiction or cancer part

Welcome to Skull Dot Website aka 30 somethings that were brainwashed by Philip Morris Tobacco Co. Dot Com

I consider myself mastodon's preeminent milf

it's my bi(hrt)day! 2 years I've been taking hrt :)

Hey I'm looking for new followers! I am a milf in training who loves linux, foss, ipas, that kool aid that jim jones made and theories that the 9/11 planes were holograms. I'm also a girl btw

Hi, I'm a new follow request, I like coding, video games and craft beer

We can’t all go to Havana and chill out on vacation because our government won’t admit it supported a brutal right wing dictator 70 years ago lol

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