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Hit me up for that Animal Crossing, friend code: SW-6380-0741-2629

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Nintendo out here like: yes we will make games that are genre defining and make people reinterpret what they think videogames are. However because of this we also refuse to release another F-Zero for the next 20 years until we can come up with a gimmick that makes it different from very fast Mario Kart.

ok actual birthday selfie I promise 

and a merry Rico day to you, too

i think there should be healthcare for all, and i think that it should cover grs not as a physical cure for a mental condition, which is the polite fiction we have agreed upon as the least worst option to make something good happen in a bad system (the medical-industrial-insurance complex), but as something that would improve people's lives, full stop

"but trish that logic means we'd have to cover boob jobs for the cis too" sure, fine, good. reductions too. lifts, nipple removal, whatever

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How do I delete the word "cancel" from the English language?


We got to get that cheeto out of the White House!

I want a 10,000 word essay on anyone that's bought this mask

thinking about how many people lost their homes and jobs and were publicly blackballed from public life for decades due to the red scare because of nightmare anticommunism (something masto still doesn't think is a real thing lol) and yet there was no brown scare and prominent fascists managed to worm their ways into police forces and local governments and even worse and yet people will still bristle when you suggest america was fascist before trump

this is what i imagine the cookout is like but everyone shows up as rico’s various display names and avis

Why would you want Roger Stone is jail? His life is already miserable and he dresses like a clown when he knows he's getting his picture taken.

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posting is sort of like eating the timelines pussy

GamemasterAnthony’s birthday except it’s Rico Day and it’s a bunch of accounts who Logged Off coming back for the day.

hey @Jessicacrets is BACK!! the sweetheart of mastodon. go and follow or refollow her on your new accounts. OR ELSE!

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