I honestly cannot believe they're taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, VA. I never thought I would see it happen.

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@Suplex pissed off that people are tearing down racist statues like it's NBD but when *we* did it the state stole all of our money.

@Suplex this sounds a little unclear, tearing down the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue and digging him out of his fucking grave was fucking amazing and I hope they desecrated him on his way out

@Thomas I remember that fight because it was going on when we were living in Murfreesboro (MTSU gets it mascot from Forrest's unit) and yeah fuck all those racists that fought for it forever

@Suplex @Thomas "actually its to respect one player from decades ago we swear!"

@wintgenstein @Suplex you mean the baseball team? I found out recently that they were originally the Cleveland Spiders which is a better nickname all around

@Thomas @wintgenstein Spiders are cooler and I think they've done throwback uniforms to the Spiders anyway

@wintgenstein @Suplex happy to say that on AllPro the caricature mascot of Cleveland's baseball team is banned

@Suplex Since the state wouldn't approve it, Memphis just sold the park to a private entity for $1000 and let them tear it down lmao. Then the racists couched their argument in "we got ripped off!" Like that's the point dummy

@Thomas Last I remember hearing somebody was trying to put it up (or part of it) in the state capitol building in Nashville, did that ever happen?

@Suplex no idea. Last I saw anything of it it was in storage somewhere

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