This is one of those instances where the action came years too late but also all right shitheads are very mad which is good.

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@Suplex and all we had to sacrifice was chapo? worthy trade imo

@Aleums @Suplex wait, is chapo trap house also over? that sounds like a pretty big win-win to me

@jennie @Aleums just the subreddit, which ironically was hated by the actual Chapo hosts themselves

@Suplex @jennie @Aleums There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that the CTH subreddit was toxic as fuck.

@Suplex whats the opposite of press f to pay respects

@DeltaFlood @Suplex They got /r/pinkpillfeminism is it my own birthday and I forgot?
@Suplex along with about 200 other problematic subs!
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