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Things I say in this week's that I immediately realize I should not have said:
1. "Anyone can come in my house and murder me, again"
2. "I fell asleep in court"

Thank you to listener @firewally for their question suggestion this week! If you find an advice column you’d like us to discuss, message us here or send us an email at

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I still have the tab open where I was doing research for an upcoming the other day, and it is truly the tab that keeps on giving

This is the noise maker I had, I kept it in the car and using the "missile launch" button was an act of war because it took like eight entire seconds for the whole noise to happen, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrpssssHHHHHHHHH

once again thank you to #wtto for letting me be the podcast gf i have dreamed of being

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Which character from The Simpsons Family TV show are you?

It turns out “Pop Goes My Heart” is like the ONE song in Music and Lyrics not written by Adam Schlesinger. We regret the error. It is still a bop

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Episode 16: Modest Grouse b/w Hey, Mrs. Tambourine Gran

Make a doink for the glory of the Lord. C’mon. Just do it.

Good morning!!!!!

#TenforTen2021 runs all day today!

Until 11:59PM EST

1. donate $10usd or more to
2. Send me a screenshot of your receipt
3. Get a personalized playlist of ten songs on the theme of your choice, from songs about kinds of horses to songs that skip a beat to songs that make you wanna boogie

I’m a onetime professional DJ
I run #dadsFM
It’s my 30th birthday

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#hannypodcast2021 has been realised. thank you very much to the podcast professionals at #wtto. i am #blessed.

The thing about the latest episode of #wtto, and I don’t know if I’ve made this clear, but there’s Hanny in this one. In this one, Hanny’s there.

Let me host Jeopardy, I would be more fun and charming than Dr. Oz and I've never told anyone that raspberry ketones are magic or whatever the fuck

To the guy with the middle part his wife hates on the latest : blokes rock, never change for some bird, king.

If you heard some echo in the latest episode, delete it from your podcast app and redownload it, there was an issue with the first mp3 uploaded

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