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If you like Sexy The Teen Groundhog, you are contractually obligated to review on apple podcasts. We invoking our rights under the Groundhogdrawer terms of service

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The new #wtto features some wonderful @ponfarr utterances that were FULLY inaudible during the call. What a gift to get Easter eggs listening back to a conversation you had

“I didn’t pay the ‘Halloween Candy Tax’, because I live in a democracy!”

@ponfarr on household political science @WTTO #WTTO

It may seem like a slight to point out to team #wtto that you were my #2 podcast of 2021, but to be fair I listened to a shameful amount of my #1

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gonna flunk the marshmallow test and just same-day this new @WTTO #wtto

#wtto entranced by the pronunciation of “compost”

Listening to #WTTO talk about standardized tests and all I can think about is:

🎶 why do you build me up
zoomer alf
baby just to let me down🎶


Episode 28: Amelia Explains Jazz To Alex

important: size of dogs also corresponds to loyalty??? must research further... (farther??)

New #wtto reminded me of the dope documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing, featuring art director/painter/puppeteer/all-around cool guy Wayne White

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