I think faking your own death could whip ass actually. You could go off the grid. Incognito. :fingerguns: Hell yeah.

for sale: baby shoes never worn (baby has hooves)

There's this episode where he hooks up with and then accidentally starts dating this girl that makes him do weird stuff like go hiking so he fakes his own death to get away from her. And honestly who hasn't been there? I fuckin live there.

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WAIT. they made a JOKER movie??? is that even LEGAL?

You know what show was cool? My Name is Earl.

It'd be so epic of Biden nominated Michelle Obama as VP :soyface:

Sorry libs but calling Drumph a "man-baby" is kinkshaming the ABDL community

Remember that band the Strange Boys? I wonder what those guys are up to.

Going to turn off 2020 and then unplug it. Then throw it in a bag of rice overnight and see if that fixes it.

Mos Eisely Cantina is now closed due to Covid-19. We ask all the alien freaks who usually visit Mos Eisely Cantina to order takeout.

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