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The question that’s dividing the dudes today is would u bang a pregnant stranger?

I’ve heard A Lot of Poison this weekend and that’s fine.

We told my friend he had to do a keg stand and when we got him upside down I sprayed the beer in his eyes and they flipped him into a bush. Good friends, really.

My friends fuckin band played freebird and the boys are back in town last night

People try to stealth snap pics of my mullet as if I were ashamed or unaware

the cringe larry davis vs the epic larry csonka

I've had my car for 13 years and I'm finally ready to start looking for a new one. I think I might go full piney and get a two door jeep wrangler. It's basically the jean jacket of cars. You can take the sleeves (doors) off and it has a back-patch (wheel cover)

I got teary eyed in public but no one saw so it’s chill.

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weed, alc 

Definitely shouldn’t have eaten the whole edible yesterday. And then really definitely shouldn’t have drank like ten beers and ate like 3 or 4 more. Terrible idea really.

Three Stooges? We've all been indoctrinated with this, right? I once believed in Moe, Larry, and even Curly

But what you didn't learn in high school? There was a fourth stooge, and his name was Lee Harvey Oswald

Before you dismiss this, watch my TED talk on the ballistics industry and its relation to water parks

I’m just not gonna tell them until we’re about leave.

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Tony made me put the air bnb in my name instead of his because he was worried people would break shit which is fine but then he went full Super Tony and immediately broke shit last night. These people are gonna need a new door.

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