Fuck internet. Burn down everything u don't need in ur life.

also listen to some old hank while im off of on here. he's my all time favorite.

and dont think having minimal interactions means we cant be dudes. lets hang bro.

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Hey so I'm looking at just not being online for awhile. Like at all. This includes discord n shit so if we're remotely tight and you wanna keep in touch just hit me up for my number some time in the next day or so. All skullsite is welcome and honestly literally anyone else. I just need to be not on the internet for a good while.

One time two elderly Hmong women hustled me in pool when I was 18 and I quit playing for like 7 years

A good friend of mine got drunk as hell at the track once and they found him in the stable petting one of the horses, and then for some reason gave him a job. He ended up stealing a shitload of money and manipulating odds on cheap races so they fired him. Weird dude. I love him.

reading books called things like 'why women smell great and men punch walls' exclusively

the dean of scholar.social said if i fuck up one more time, they are kicking our frat house off campus

anyway this is why i don't try and meet new people or learn new skills because when you do that there's a chance you will end up in a clown sewing class, for clowns.

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i was just sitting there going "wow it's weird everyone here knows everyone else, oh well i guess this is to be expected, i very rarely leave the house and never ever meet new people!" and like half an hour in it dawned on me that they were literally all talking about the circus that they were all part of and performed in, and were all there to learn sewing skills in order to make clown costumes, for their role in the circus.

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did i ever tell yous about the time i fought years of ingrained social anxiety to go to a sewing class where i didn't know anyone and it turned out it was a sewing class full of actual clowns from the actual circus

getting pisse d off imagining my trolls and dissenters crawling around my yacht in little butler outfits and expecting me to freebleed

One of the main reasons I watch so many 80/90s Hong Kong movies is I like the clothes the dudes wear.

I have ate literally every prepared food item at 7/11, which imbued me with a fount of xp and increased hit points

I wanna play poker normal style. online sucks.

[gongfiend69 has entered the chat]

gongfiend69: anyone here like big gongs
thegongliker: ur in the right place
ImGongCrazy: this is gomg central my dude
ImGongCrazy: *gong lmao
gongfiend69: sick

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