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Sometimes the guy that’s hardest to find is ourselves

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If you’re mean to me online I’m calling your mother

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I'm getting faves and gaining followers but somehow my problems aren't going away

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When u think about it.. this website is basically like a masto meetup.. but online

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The alpha males took J&J so they could get one and done and go back to flipping tractor tires over in parking lots

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Guy who used to be a huge TRAPT fan before he found out about their politics

Inventing a new pseudoscience called “neurofinance” solely so I can author a book titled “Brain Sells”

I wonder if Reddit didn’t exist if we would just have a lot more novels

Interesting that there was this steady stream of articles about how playing games is bad for you until journalists spent a year working from home

Thing I’m noticing about foes is they all seem to think I’m the bad guy

Whenever I oppose something, you bet your ass it’s diametrically

Did you hear about the painter who only painted on lightweight trucks? 

He was known for being a pickup artist.

In the early 2000s all anyone on any social media site wanted was a sarcasm font

3 words that terrify every gamer? 

“Wireless controller disconnected”

“I’m gonna become the joker” - the joker, before he became the joker

Signs you may be a foe 

If you enjoy one or more of the following:

- patrolling
- standing around
- breathing heavily
- grunting
- lying in wait

You might be a foe

Imagine: the brain as a weapon. A terrifying thought

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