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Sometimes the guy that’s hardest to find is ourselves

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If you’re mean to me online I’m calling your mother

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I'm getting faves and gaining followers but somehow my problems aren't going away

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When u think about it.. this website is basically like a masto meetup.. but online

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Due to cancel culture I can’t even say a tomato is a vegetable without being called out

Going to invent a new type of currency that is printed on paper

I’m finally un-shadowbanned and it’s all thanks to daddy Elon

Shrek is some pervert stuff. They really made that one for the freaks


One nice thing about the latest NFT bubble is the volume of spam emails and calls I’m getting these days has nosedived. I can only assume this is because all those same people are spending their days in discord chats trying to steal apes from guys

Taken but it’s about a guy who has his apes stolen

WASD. To the average person, these letters mean nothing. But, to the computer-gamer, they mean life or death

the best video games are the ones where you collect little things to afford a better little thing collector

If gamers aren’t workers then how do you explain “game mechanics”

Everyone: the metaverse looks like shit, no way is this anything more than a low effort con to make office workers buy VR headsets

Crypto dorks: yeah, that’s what people said about the wheel, too

I think if I studied for an iq test I would crush it

Pleased to announce that I’ve developed the world’s first blockchain based open source decentralized crypto social media platform. I’m calling it: the Mastoverse

Life used to be much harder for gamers before fast travel was invented. The young gamers don’t know

CDC has reduced isolation period from 10 to 5 days to make sure Applebees stays open

Every right wing guy’s greatest fantasy is to be a mall Santa

Remember to unleash your powers to keep foes at bay

Crypto dolts trying to find ways to integrate their bitcoin shit into FOSS is so goddamn funny

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