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I'm getting faves and gaining followers but somehow my problems aren't going away

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When u think about it.. this website is basically like a masto meetup.. but online

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whoever told me to dig holes behind me when i break a boulder to get iron, THANK YOU.

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laser cyber bullied me for i have some ideas for it

You: witty jokes, clever puns, insightful political takes

Me: “manimal crossing and it’s for men now”

animal crossing is so realistic !!! one of my favorite villagers doesn’t like me anymore and wants to leave forever

Slept three hours last night and I barely feel more tired than usual

Moving to twitter because you’re tired of seeing fighting is like moving to Florida because you’re tired of hot weather

The haters who show themselves are not the ones you need worry about

Hey can y’all plz boost this? Donate if you can.

The Havasupai tribe is the most remote reservation in the lower 48. The village is accessible only by foot, helicopter or horseback. About 75% of the jobs on the reservation are tied to tourism and there’s a 15% unemployment rate. Roughly 15% of the community is elderly, many are diabetic or asthmatic and therefore vulnerable to coronavirus.

Due to the spread of coronavirus the tribe has had to suspend tourism within the reservation to protect tribal members from disease. Unfortunately, this is where they get most of their income. Please consider making a donation to make sure the Havasupai people and their animals have the food and protection they need to remain in their communities and stay safe during this pandemic.

creating a conspiracy theory that covid was incubated in the hole in flowless's nuts

sending skullsite some calaveras de azucar as a gesture of friendliness and good will

being put in jail because the myasstodonians dont trust my allegiances as a skeleton man

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