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I'm getting faves and gaining followers but somehow my problems aren't going away

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When u think about it.. this website is basically like a masto meetup.. but online

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i will never pronounce "Wagner" as "Vogner". not gonna happen, bud

Clumsily knocking over a large stack of books while sneaking through an area, alerting nearby foes

I happen to be a pretty edgy guy myself mister joker

had a dream in which i was running around a large room, suplexing hundreds of faceless foes

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Saving screenshots of various gaming trophies to my phone to send to potential mates

Are you trying to get your ass kicked???

Me: (wisely) yes.

is every guy a father or just a few dad apples

foe advice 

Be wary of flying foes. Cowardly enemies will take to the air to catch you off guard. Simply block or dodge the foe's attack to gain the upper hand.

When I left mastodon for a while I didn't delete my account because I knew I would come slinking back like a pathetic slug demanding attention once more

gonna start saying "it boggles the mind" when I don't understand stuff

devising a makeshift posting apparatus of sorts

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