why i disappeared for a month 

every week or so there was a big drama happening, and the whole w.l anna stuff kinda overwhelmed me. a lot of people were very upset - rightly so - and anna was anna, which made everything 100x worse

another reason i left for a while was just that... idk i ran out of things to post, so for a day or two i didn't post anything, and then by the time i did have something to say, i decided that it wasn't really worth it

i got some stuff done but not much - i am now somewhat capable with rust to the point where i feel i could e.g. rewrite fedibooks/ocrbot/mstdn-ebooks in it (i'm not going to, that's an example)

sorry for just disappearing for a month without saying anything and all that

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@lynnesbian I can’t look at horrowfide the same way after seeing this....

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