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i like posting on because no one here is gonna yell at me for drilling into live wires

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quarantine lol 

i forgot my pin number lol

Ok after this one my weird ass roommates are gonna take the aux and put on some Garth fuckin Brooks so let’s go to the bar. Just act cool at the door and you’ll be fine

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Dirt asked me a couple days ago if I owned a bow tie. Here is my facebook profile picture from *late* 2017

Cw eye contact, mild lewd implied

Bright Eyes - One Foot in Front of the Other, aka Landlocked Blues Before Emmylou Harris Ruins It, Despite Being Generally Fine, I Truly Have No Beef with Emmylou Harris

Julien Baker - Repeat

this was my fave track (first listen, no headphones, non-singles edition)

anyway happy Little Oblivions release day to all the sad wlw out there 🙏

uspol, nyt 

the top two stories on the times today are:
- Democrats are abandoning the $15/hr min wage
- Trump supporters are increasingly supportive of Biden


Oh thanks google, I did miss the Encyclopedia Britannica entry for Pittsburgh.

food joke 

eating the marshmallow as fast as i can because i hate marshmallows, the only thing worse than one marshmallow is two marshmallows

Happy #VerseThursday :flan_hurrah:

years of anger following
hours that float idly down —
the blizzard
drifts its weight
deeper and deeper for three days
or sixty years, eh? Then
the sun! a clutter of
yellow and blue flakes —
Hairy looking trees stand out
in long alleys
over a wild solitude.
The man turns and there —
his solitary track stretched out
upon the world.

asking for financial help, urgent 

Hey folks, the DWP have reduced our benefits again, and we have less than £30 to last the next three weeks. So if you'd like to help a trans disabled couple survive, please boost and consider donating if you can. Thank you!

ive been litearlly dreaming abotu rimworld multiple times per week.

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