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i like posting on because no one here is gonna yell at me for drilling into live wires

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was taking a fedi break. heard about the jakee posts. don't know what he means and want him to explain it to me. u (yes *you*) can always discord me @ natalie#0408 if u wanna talk, fedi meta or otherwise

ok, loggin' off again. bye!

for your consideration: deltaflood human pet guy reporting pulitzer

i am thinking of buying a used bike and a trainer so i can use it for exercise in my apartment and also ride it in the coty if o ever work up the courage - is this a bad idea

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Competing gay urges to wear only shades of black and gray and to wear only neons

@dirt putting butch fem and chilling on the three points of a triangle and recreating the soil chart

subverting the butch-fem dichotomy by just kinda hanging out

girl at the co-op was wearing a sick and1 hat and, for that, i love her

Context heavy carpincho memes for advanced carpincho memers, im not translating these, enjoy

hahaha holy shit. Nat, I found a new way for you to casually hit on people @dirt

I went to the Prophets of Rage show in Cleveland adjacent to the Republican national convention, and the coward Paul Ryan didn’t even show up. SMH fake RatM fan

fuck jobs (but give one to slash anyway) fuck america

speaking of roguelikes Void Bastards is free on the epic store, lovely game!

From southern Minnesota supporters of the indigenous-led fight against the pipeline in northern Minnesota (Dakota/Lakota and Ojibwe land), Northfield Against Line 3:

Straight talk:

If we mobilize 1K people to the state capitol - and peacefully hold the ground - there’s a real chance we could force a political crisis and #stopline3.

Turn up on 8/25

Bring love. Bring outrage. Bring a tent.

Tell everyone.

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