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maybe instead of being a landlord you should try landing some bitches

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some german bisexual: hey, are you ok?

me: what do you mean?

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torie: are you listening to that really depressing Silver Jews song on repeat again?




me: which one

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been on mastodon for four years 😵‍💫 have had lots of laughs love you all 😵‍💫 not only had this place made me a different person, it has made me an inarguably better one 😵‍💫 dirt forever 🌞

george lucas scribbling onto a little notepad and mouthing each syllable: dick shitto

@dirt even if you successfully MLM someone into doing your dishes once, you probably can't do that for every meal you ever have. There's no winning! It's the absolute worst chore

imo dishes is the worst chore. it's like an extravagant punishment for trying to cook something new or exciting

Kate Boosh - Heems ft Kool A.D. & Despot

heems is scheming in neiman marcus,
or really its, aurelius marcus
taliban like cam b marcus
city full of parks,
i'mma get my fucking spark in :yell:

Found some photos on my old phone of a Front Bottoms show I went to once and one of Modern Baseballs last shows before they broke up.

currently hiding in bandcamp from the hateful eye of spotify wrapped

EMERGENCY: I’m overdrawn by $65, rent is due in four days, my landlord is getting on my case to pay off my back rent of $2384.10 (being underemployed in the off season put me in a hole, and not having a second job this summer has made escaping that hole impossible). I’m also on my last pair of contacts and cannot find my glasses, so I need to get new contacts ASAP before it becomes an issue. I'd appreciate any help
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

the battle system is neat but wow you sure do have to just grind for hours and hours before you can even think about walking more than 10 steps into a dungeon

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the difficulty in octopath traveller really ramps the fuck up huh

torie is explaining masto drama to a third party

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