Mastodon is crumbling and many blame developing real and earnest connections to the friends they've made irl, which likely blossomed in no small part due to the social confidence developed interacting with people online, and may even include fedi connections who happened to also live locally

@dirt is this a shitpost or am I missing some mastodrama

@rj @dirt it's from an article awhile back that stated mastodon was crumbling for some really silly reason so people generally take the first part of the first sentence of the article, "mastodon is crumbling and many blame" and then change it to something else topical. this is addressing the people that have grown in this community and have either left or don't utilize it as much due to i guess being more social and active. still hasn't worked with me but maybe someday ill go outside.

@root @rj thank you elle i didn't know where to start haha

@dirt Can you rephrase this? I don't understand what you wrote.

@farhan i don't post as much as i used to because my irl life is busier and more full of love and connections than it used to be

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