if someone sends u pictures of themselves naked, is that flirting


this is getting out of hand

@Aleums i legitimately think i got chaste nudes

@dirt @Aleums as much as I trust and respect my friend dirt dot online, I have some suspicions about one of the words in the phrase "chaste nudes"

@MoMartin @dirt @Aleums oh for sure, you can have non-sexual nudes which are immediately chaste, and I'm sure there are other ways to be chaste while skirting the line, I'm just razzing

@dirt @Ophillous @Aleums ok i am sorry to everyone but I do actually think this for once was not flirty and while maybe not 100% chaste like. idk. shes in the right on this one.

@torie @dirt @Aleums I can't believe Dirt, originator of the chaste meme, got comically chasse meme'd on

@Aleums @Ophillous @torie @dirt this thread singlehandedly degraded my comprehension of the english language into that of a raccoon's

@torie @Ophillous @dirt torie I don't know what lies dirt has told you, but sharing nudes is intimate

@Aleums @torie @Ophillous @dirt not necessarily. Like look at a lot of the pics that @barrow posts. Are they titillating, even erotic, at times? I'd say absolutely. But they'd also fall into "chaste nudes" to me, as they give you only a hint of the subjects body. Chaste nudes are just art.

@ItsJenNotGabby @torie @Ophillous @dirt @barrow Barrow's photos have always come across as intimate pieces to me. It's part of what makes them so compelling.
In this scenario though, it's less of intimacy as an aesthetic property and more of intimacy in the interpersonal sense. Linking someone to your nudes on a public or platform vs. sending them private nudes in a DM have very different meanings - the latter is an intimate display of trust.
I accept that the nudes may be chaste, but aloof? Not a chance

@Aleums @ItsJenNotGabby @torie @Ophillous @dirt @barrow we will put a man on the moon voice: I will send detached and impersonal nudes

@a_bun @Aleums @ItsJenNotGabby @torie @dirt @barrow I mean, I def think you can have non-intimate nudes that are also sexual

Casual sexuality is a very real and valid thing, and we shouldn't just ignore it

I'd say that oftentimes a nude is a very intimate sign of trust, but like, there are people who are very lax about sending nudes, and peeps who send platonic nudes too

This is weird to try and word so I'm rambling 

@a_bun @Aleums @ItsJenNotGabby @torie @dirt @barrow there's a difference between intimacy v.s. like, asking your friend if they're comfortable seeing your nudes before sending them some

This is weird to try and word so I'm rambling 

@Ophillous @a_bun @Aleums @torie @dirt @barrow yes, definitely. And I've been lucky enough on here to be trusted as that friend before, and while the nudes were great, I definitely didn't feel like they were sent to me to specifically turn ME on, so I'd classify them as chaste nudes as well. I think the senders intent has a lot to do with things

@Ophillous @a_bun @ItsJenNotGabby @torie @dirt @barrow
Intimate and sexual: dmed nudes, in a suggestive pose or accompanied with racy text
Non-intimate and sexual: sending someone pornography
Intimate and chaste: artful nudes can fit here, but rarely
Non-intimate and chaste: memes, selfies. Normal territory

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