it's my 2-year anniversary of joining masto. i don't post nearly as much and i'm not sure i will going forward, but don't let that deceive you into thinking this isn't important to me, or that i don't love a great many of you a great deal - it is and i do

i came here because i had basically no friends and no outlets and no motivation to do anything. fedi enabled me to meet people who i love very dearly, access my thoughts in ways i hadn't previously, and inspired me to actually go outside and *do* things for my neighborhood and my city. thanks for that

i took a break the last couple weeks. it was kind of planned and kind of for my mental health, but one thing i realized was that the entire time, i didn't think of a single post. that's kind of funny.


i think fedi is legitimately better than other social media because the more you use it, the more it encourages you to not need it anymore. commercial sites literally do everything they can to get you to spend as much of your time on them as you can by making you as miserable as possible. fedi on the other hand draws you in by making you believe in the world outside. if you jump in whole-heartedly enough it will spit you out as someone else, if not somewhere else

for such a relentlessly sentimental person, i don't really have a point. i guess i just hope that i've given any of you a sliver of what fedi has given to me (i.e. a lot)

you (yes YOU) can add me on discord if u want, i'm natalie#0408

if u don't want to fuck w that gamer shit, i also have wire & a phone number, so just DM me i guess

@dirt you honestly have, friend. you gave me very sweet and important words that i have slotted into my brain and found a lot of meaning in ❤️

@dirt This captures so much of what I appreciate about the Fediverse. Thank you for putting it to words.

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