today is March 1, 2021

yesterday was February 28, 2021

one year ago today was:

@dirt I feel like you've asked that question the right way around for a clear answer. If one year ago from March 1, 2021 was Feb 29, 2020, then one year ago Nov 1, 2021 is October 31, 2020 because we'd be one day off for the whole year.

@dirt March 1st 2021? obviously? like? otherwise there is nothing 1 year from february 29th 2020 and that would be wild?

@Laser @dirt @torie no fuck. Some years have 366 days. It's this a year. Just a leap year, yes. But it's a year.

@Laser @dirt @torie but it is a fact. A day is a day. We say it's 24 hours, even though it's not. If you calculate the actual natures days it's still a day, yet not 24 hours.

@magtak42 @dirt @torie I know what a day is but we're talking about years

@dirt @Laser @torie

Yes: But again: it's just what your perception of a year is, is what makes it's length. 366 days is a valid year. We still call it a year, so 366 days from now in a leap year is still a year from now.

@dirt @magtak42 @torie also what about the days when we change our clocks those have 23 and 25 hours

@Laser @dirt @torie Still a day.

See what I mean? It's just your perception.

@dirt @torie I would unequivocally answer both of these March 1 and admit cheerfully that time isn't real

@torie @dirt okay so the real answer is what time of day are we talking here because a year is 365¼ days

@dirt the correct answer is actually march 2nd

@dirt as a centrist, i say today is February 394, 2020

@dirt There are many different possible valid answers depending what you wish to count as a day or a year.

@dirt my child is cursed with a 31st birthday and these questions follow us monthly

@dirt The way I see this is:
"Year ago today" from March 1st is always March 1st of previous year.
But "year from now" starting from February 29th is either March 1st (if it's something like a deadline so you get 28 days in February each time) or 28th (if it's e.g. a birthday, where keeping the month the same year after year is practical or where mentally setting it as "last day of February" feels right or makes the most sense).

@dirt I also hold that time is a lie perpetuated by ourselves to create some sort of order and organisation in the chaos of the universe. And we shouldn't get too dogmatic about enforcing it.

Teatime is anytime, dammit.

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