amtrak's proposed expanded map is a good start but 2035 feels so far away as to be futile. the zoomers will be boomers by then i mean come on

@dirt its still not enough but I dont think thats what the bill says. that budget is from before the infastructure bill, when trump was still president.

@dirt Also there are so many small lines that make so much sense that are flat out missing. Memphis to Nashville and Memphis to Little Rock need to be there. We already have a big station that runs to Chicago and New Orleans

@dirt Memphis to Nashville would be worth so many millions of dollars

@dirt not just that, a Republican will have come along and canned the project years prior.

@dirt combined passenger and freight get $80bn, which is... a start.

@NightRose ya, i just wish they would accelerate their plans, you know? 2035 is a long ways off and the climate crisis is here now

@dirt remember when we all thought hey, at least bidens a train guy

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