Hey y'all! I'm going to do a little bonus morning painting stream! Drop in if you want to listen to chill music and watch me paint and talk too much


Thanks so much for dropping into the b-b-bonus hour! I really enjoyed the chat and having y’all support me. It means so much

If you’re interested at all, I could teach you to paint using this method, with equally good results, in about 5 minutes. It’s wildly easy and turns out so well! I’ll be streaming again tonight at 9 PM CST

@dirt @Thomas I don't really know what this means, but I'm contractually obligated to boost it

@Thomas @Timmy ok it's a riff on the documentary tim's vermeer but ibstead of recreating a Johannes Vermeer painting, it's a Thomas

@dirt @Timmy the *only* difference between me and Vermeer is that he’s dead, so I can understand the comparison

@dirt @Thomas ah I see, so I have to tune into the stream and make a documentary about the painting on display

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