imo dishes is the worst chore. it's like an extravagant punishment for trying to cook something new or exciting


for a while I lived in the house where we had a sink with unusually strong water pressure, and we also had the water heater cranked up into the danger zone, so doing dishes was like scouring plates with a laser beam. the kitchen window would get all steamy and any evidence of baked-on food got utterly erased from existence like a CIA torture tape.

I miss that every time I'm like "ugh, welp, better let this soak a bit so I can be angry at it tomorrow."

@cicatriz_jdr @dirt we have a countertop dishwasher that drains into the sink and after certain cycles it will expel hot sudsy water with a fair amount of force
if you happen to put, say, a casserole dish with a lot of baked-on residue under the outlet it will completely vaporize all of it

@cicatriz_jdr @dirt obviously you still have to clean it since that's dirty water but at least it did the hard part for you

@dirt they just keep coming, there's always more dishes on account of people having to? eat? often? Disgraceful

@dirt even if you successfully MLM someone into doing your dishes once, you probably can't do that for every meal you ever have. There's no winning! It's the absolute worst chore

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