@Aleums i feel like all sorts of people have aunts who they aren't really related to but who are aunts nonetheless

"she's not really my aunt but she's known my dad forever"

i, personally, think it's fine if someone's like "jokes based on flippant violence rub me the wrong way."

but saying that you don't like any particular type of humour is one of the worst things you can do online, because social media has firmly dictated this is not a boundary you get to set for yourself. total rookie mistake.

and telling the average poster that you'd rather not hear any particular kind of joke causes them more pain than passing a kidney stone the size of a volkswagon.

@Timmy @swirlz @torie there's a lot scheduled for the fall tbh, i can send u venue stuff if u want to look

past ideation and mh- bumped up to mh-~ 

my intrusive mantra has finally updated itself from "can't wait to be dead" (2013-2021) to "what if i blew up" and i. think that's progress

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