I still have Kermit the Frog saying "Alexander Hamilton" stuck in my head.

I have the sound of Kermit the Frog saying “Alexander Hamilton” stick in my head.


Should have brought a cup full of rosé margarita.

I believe a good rom com is good for the soul.

My daughter just now:

"Brute squad? More like POOP SQUAD!"

Watching the Princess Bride with my daughter for the first time.

Gotta cut down from 41 pages to 30. Fun times.

Gonna watch a PBS documentary about a viking warrior queen... cause why not.

Everything is dumb and stupid and I hate it.

*Holds out one hand* Do I edit this article to cut down for length and change from MLA to Chicago?

*Holds out other hand* Or do I play Civ again for the bazilyionth time?

Decisions, decisions.

I should be writing/editing...

But I don't wanna.

Wish I was a cool person who knew how to stream movies and had cool friends to watch them with.

I don’t like that I don’t feel like a “real” or “good” academic simply because I do not work all the time and have no publications as of right now.

But the reason I don’t work all the time or have sent things out to be published is because I chicken out that what I have done isn’t good enough.

So basically my procrastination is caused by imposter syndrome that leads to a cycle that keeps feeding itself.

That can’t be a healthy environment

Selfie (ec) 

I took this selfie today and I'm actually kind of ok with how I look in it.

Like, I guess I don't look like a goblin who lives in a dumpster.

I seriously used the phrase "Marxist determinism" in here.

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Reading a chapter of my dissertation and man do I sound smart in it.

Fun historical fact not covered in the musical - Hamilton in the federalist papers supported the electoral college.

One reason being literally to act as a gatekeeper as to who can hold office.

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