So sick of these damn eggs in Animal Crossing.



I hate how College Jeopardy is so patronizing...

Like having categories all about dumb stuff they assume college students are into - like Drake.

I think too many people in higher education have:

1. Have been out of school long enough that they forgot how hard it is to be a student


2. Had a hard time in school and think it's a job requirement to be extra hard on their students - as if being tough for toughness sake will make the class better or more valuable.

It's ok to have standards and make people earn their grades. It's not ok to be a dick because you're in charge.

Us Pol 

Coming to the soul crushing conclusion that most of my work is probably reductive and that it sucks and will never be published.


Whenever “Radar Love” plays I briefly think about Fat Tony.

It's time for Office Hours! Who's ready to hear me yell at historical world leaders?

I am gonna try not to rage reset every other start.

Just thinking about how I'm supposed to go vote today....

In 10 minutes I will be live on twitch for my office hours.

Today I'm playing the Sims!

I have the crazy desire to try and get the computer program kidpix working on my computer and make some modern day masterpieces.

Y’all do yourself a favor and listen to Leon Bridge’s cover of “Pony.”

Sometimes I think about how female salmon will sometimes fake laying eggs so that a male who’s bothering her will shoot his load and leave her alone.

covid/Tiger King 

Hello. I have a cardigan in Animal Crossing now so I feel accomplished.

Tonight feels like a night for Blazing Saddles.

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