Listen, right out of high school I had a car that had a cassette player and I may have had recorded copies of Dashboard Confessional, Fall Put Boy, the Postal Service, and Deathcab for Cutie to listen to when I drove around.

It was the mid 2000s. I thought I was cool.

Now that I am 34 I am gonna listen to songs from the 90s I loved at the time but then became embarrassed to admit I liked them....

Cause fuck that noise.

Thinking about going to bed at 8:30pm because why not.

Cool that actual human rights are going to be up for debate because one old lady died.

Cool system, bro.


Of course Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to go and die.....

Covid and Schools 


Today alone I have 3 students who have told me they have to take mandatory quarantines because of Covid exposure.

I feel great and safe.

Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousy" is one of those songs that I will always turn up the volume on when it plays.

"Rainbow Connection" > "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Don't @ me. You know I'm right.

Its week 3 of classes and I'm already asking if its the end of the semester yet.

So a boomer colleague typed in my personal email address instead of my work address and a bunch of important emails went to my spam folder while I was away for a family funeral and I didn't see any of them and now I'm getting in trouble for not answering people.

🙃 🙃 🙃

One of my online students is the same age as me and has already spent most of her introduction discussion post talking about how much she loves Peloton and Instagram....

Y'all - why didn't people tell me about the Chris Evans incident until tonight?

I would have accepted learning of this as a birthday present.

I was on my birthday!


I made a whole pitcher of Long Island iced tea. So there’s that.

Today is both my birthday and my grandma’s funeral.

Guess I will celebrate goth style this year.

So, visiting family for a funeral and one of my cousins is on mastodon and are trying to explain it and I’m Stop. Please stop. They don’t need to know.

Sometimes I think about an intro to archeology course I took as an undergrad. And that professor gave a quiz before she even handed out the syllabus.

And a question asked to name a famous archeologist and I wrote Indiana Jones and I got it marked off. And the pedant in me pointed out it just said famous...didn’t say they had to be real.

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One of the items on my bucket list is to be good and kissed in front of the Chegall windows at the Art Institute in Chicago while”Please, Please,Please Let Me Get What I Want” plays in the background.

I am a simple person.

"Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail is good.

That is all.

The National's "Dark Side of the Gym" has been pretty much on repeat for me lately. Also, the music video is actually fun to watch.

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