I think I've forgotten how to socialize with other humans....

Today, like any day really, is a good day to listen to a bunch of Sam Cooke.

So here's "That's It - I Quit - I'm Movin' On"


I miss grad school - only in the way that I miss getting to sit around and have lively discussions about things we have all read.

Like, I just miss getting to sit and talk with a group of people.

I don't have that anymore.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is possibly one of the best Wes Anderson films.

I legit just got asked by a student if I can just give extra credit to students currently failing the class.

Like....just give extra credits for doing nothing but currently failing.....

But then again, this class was designed by the same boomer who taught a developmental English class meant to help underprepared students for college level writing classes and thought having them turn in paragraphs was a full assignment and was shocked - SHOCKED - I had them writing full essays.

If you structure your class with activities directly related to your course outcomes and what's expected of them, they learn to do it. And they need to learn to do it.

College should be challenging!

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I hate teaching a class not designed by me that thinks so little of students abilities that it considers 600 words an essay.

600 words is NOT an essay and a college writing class should be asking students to do more.

Man, the soundtrack on The Life Aquatic is so good.

Seu Jorge's covers of Bowie songs...

*chefs kiss*

Am I the asshole for telling a student "No - you can't turn in a 10 point homework assignment that was due the first week of class - you know, the beginning of September - and get credit for it." ??

For reference.... my semester point total is 1000.

On Saturday it was 75. Sunday it was 70 degrees.

Today is a winter storm warning and I may get 5-7 inches of snow.

This is totally normal.


I am totally wearing the same clothes I put on on Tuesday.

I've been listening to this song a bunch the past couple of days and I'm not tired of it.

Just vibing, as the youths say, to the melodies and Bryan Ferry singing.

It's Roxy Music's "More Than This."


On Tuesday I made 10 dozen cookies.

Yesterday I graded 54 essays....

What will I do today?

For anyone watching the stream - this is 100% her normal personality.

Seriously. I know I'm biased, but she's cute as hell.

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If you follow my wife on twitch - her and my daughter are currently streaming them doing their pumpkin and she is TOO. DAMN. CUTE!

It's Friday and no one is here on campus, so I am loudly listening to Alvvays "Archie, Marry Me" in my office because no one is around to complain if I turn up the volume.

Today I am that mom in the school pick up lane just chilling in the car while “Ghost Town” by The Specials is blasting.

There are a bunch of crows hanging out in my back yard.

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