Fun fact:

Years ago I asked about the possibility to video lectures to save records of them online for students to use for studying and was told I couldn't because it would probably violate FERPA.

This year because of covid I have to videotape all lectures in case students don't feel like coming to campus or fall ill.

Basically all the things we were told you can't do that would make academia more accessible are suddenly being done. It's almost like they could have been done all the time.

@dollhaus FERPA has very limited scope. It doesn’t protect most things. Only things like behavior reports, grades, and if you opt out your name and address. By default most schools publish your name and address in their directory. At K12 level you can’t take photos or record children without a parents consent and most schools send out a consent form at the beginning of the year. I used to record my lectures, always asked first and my professors didn’t care, they even offered me their PowerPoints as further reference. Sorry you’re having to go through this, sounds like someone at your schools being a jerk.

@catgirl Oh. I'm sure they used it as an excuse to keep me from doing it. Most likely they worried that if I did it students would stop coming to class if they could see it online.

It was a garbage excuse and I was new faculty on a year-to-year contract, so I wasn't going to fight it too much.

But here we are, putting 4k webcams in every classroom and having to record every lecture to share with students....

@dollhaus Why would publishing your lectures violate FERPA?

@codewiz My best guess is they were worried student faces and names would be on the recordings. It's the only reason I could see that being against FERPA.

Although more so I feel like it was just bandied about as an excuse not to let me do it, too.

Or because most of the people I work with are old and figured I was just putting lectures up on Youtube instead of housing them in our LMS for each class they came from. A threat to getting new butts in seats if lectures are freely available.


I had the same idea, about 20 years ago

I don't know ehat FERPA is but I was told it would have been illegal

And here we are, now

@dollhaus In fairness, there are a number if situations (like forcing students to use a webcam in their own bedrooms) where the college now says "Yeah this very clearly breaks basically all privacy and student rights policies, but you can ignore those student rights due to COVID-19 if you want". Regarding recordings, I believe students should have a right to ask a question in class without appearing on any recording if they wish. But... COVID-19

@ethicsperoxide Oh yeah, having students on camera from home is a completely different ballgame.

I went completely asynchronous when we shut down because I knew that just because we weren't in class wasn't a guarantee that my students were just sitting around.

What I'm saying is I wanted recordings of my lectures from the classroom, to save and only distributed to that class via our course LMS. So there shouldn't be the privacy issue there. But I couldn't.

Now I HAVE to record those lectures.

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